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Tuesdays and Fridays in Ridgewood

The Rooted Refuge, 677 Onderdonk Ave

This space is typically set up for community acupuncture. There are two 8-inch steps up to the space and an ADA compliant, gender neutral restroom.

There is a private intake room with a door. The treatment area is fully private behind opaque screens in the back of the space but there is shared air. On Fridays only, there may be folks receiving acupuncture in the front.

There are three air filters, white noise machines, and calm music to provide an uninterrupted, and private experience. Being in space with another practitioner, in community healing, can help folks feel more safe than going to a space alone.

Saturdays in Gowanus

Ascent Physical Therapy, 61-A 9th Street, Suite #1

This space is a fully private physical therapy studio in a building with other small businesses. There are three steps up and three steps down to enter through the front. It is fully accessible through the back entrance. Please let me know if you will need to get in through the back entrance as there is no buzzer. This space has two gendered restrooms and one ADA compliant gender neutral restroom.

There is one air filter and no noise machines. I can play calming music or no music for the session. We will be the only people in the space.
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