60 min $150*
90 min $190*

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A 60- or 90-minute session focusing on areas and massage techniques customized to your unique needs. You will be positioned only how you feel comfortable, on a table or on a floor mat. Sessions can be fully clothed or unclothed to your level of comfort with draping.

Holistic Massage

Massage combining breathwork, restorative yoga, Thai massage, shiatsu, reiki, Swedish techniques and manual lymphatic drainage (MLD).

Perinatal Massage

Massage focused on pregnancy and postpartum discomfort and stress. As the body shifts, we work together to create space and ease. Sessions will be side-lying during pregnancy.

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A person lays face-down on a massage table while I place my thumbs together on a pressure point behind their left shoulder.
A person seated cross-legged on the ground flexes their arm behind their head as I gently guide their movement.


Virtual $120
In-Person $140

60-minute private or group sessions including breathwork, warm up, flowing postures, and a cool down. Sessions can be in-person—home or office—or virtual.

Holistic Yoga

Yoga tailored to any ability including laying down, seated, or standing.

Perinatal Yoga

Prenatal yoga to ease musculoskeletal aches as the body shifts. Postpartum yoga for time to yourself and to address any birth related muscle imbalances or tightness related to c-scar recovery.

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60 min $120

60-minute session for the whole body or focus areas. Reiki can be practiced hands on or with hands just off the body for folks looking for a modality that does not include touch. Energy is exchanged between practitioner and client through still holding. Clients might feel warmth or energetic shifts throughout the body. Feels like a gentle warm hug with lots of space for breath and release.

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A person laying face-up on a massage table rests their head in my hands, eyes closed.
“Holly is an incredibly kind and intuitive practitioner. They did wonders for my back pain, I felt like a freshly hatched baby bird.”
- JK